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Where were you: Sirusho’s new song dedicated to Armenian Genocide

Sirusho has released a new video dedicated to teh Armenian Genocide. She has written teh following message on Facebook:

“My recent works are inspired by the Armenian beats. The folk dance “Yerek Votk of Lori”, both with its rhythmical structure and the dance steps , is used as a basis on which we created a completely new song and dance. Throughout our history, even in the most difficult times, we were able to find strength and courage through singing and dancing. This is a characteristic of a strong nation which I’m very proud of.
Each language has its own message. The Armenian lyrics are what I feel I want to say to the Armenians. The English lyrics are a question or a demand addressed to the “indifferent” people of the world.
I want to say Thank You to the great people I worked with on this project.”

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