Vladimir Putin sworn in as President of Russia

Vladimir Putin has been inaugurated as President of Russia in a ceremony that took place at the Grand Kremlin Palace.

The ceremony opened as the National Flag, the President’s Standard, the Russian Constitution and the President’s Badge were brought into St Andrew’s Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace.

According to Article 82 of the Russian Constitution, Vladimir Putin took the oath to the people of Russia in the presence of Federation Council members, members of the State Duma and judges of the Russian Constitutional Court. Constitutional Court President Valery Zorkin announced Vladimir Putin the new President of the Russian Federation.

Afterwards, Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia and the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Armed Forces, reviewed the Presidential Regiment on Cathedral Square to mark his inauguration. The Presidential Regiment marks its 82nd anniversary today.

After the inauguration ceremony, President of Russia Vladimir Putin briefly met with representatives of public youth associations and volunteer organisations.

Later, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia served a thanksgiving service at the Annunciation Cathedral in the Kremlin.

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