Russian military put on alert during drills in Armenia

Photo: Alexander Riumin/TASS

Troops from the Russian military base in Armenia have been put on alert during the drills and will be deployed to the Alagyanz highland training ground, a spokesman for the Southern military district, Vadim Astafyev, said on Monday, TASS reports.

 “During the weeklong drills at the Alagyanz training ground the troops will perform exercises on driving in conditions of mountainous and rocky highland area, live firing from small arms, grenade launchers, armaments of infantry combat vehicles, tanks, artillery and anti-aircraft weapons,” Astafyev said.Special focus will be made on carrying out tactical activity of motorized infantry with support of artillery, air defense forces and aviation.

The military exercises involve more than 1,000 troops and nearly 300 pieces of special military hardware, including fighter aircraft, army aircraft and drones.

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