I do all that is prohibited – Charles Aznavour

Singing legend Charles Aznavour has talked to Russia’s Channel One about his childhood and family life ahead of his concerts in Russia scheduled for spring 2018.

The French Armenian singer said his parents used to speak Russian, when they didn’t want children to understand. Aznavour revealed that Paris got to know the Russian cuisine thanks to his grandfather, who was a chief.

“We had a restaurant called “Caucasus” in Paris,” Aznavour recalled. “I’m the worst critic. If I don’t like the borscht, if it’s not as my grandfather used to prepare, then the cook did it wrong.”

The singer said he eats little, does not drink and smoke, but uses sugar, salt and fat. “I do everything that is prohibited,” he said.

Charles Aznavour also shared the secret of his family happiness. Aznavour, who has been happy married for 50 years, is confident that “wife and husband must be different.”

“I’m all energy, my wife is calmer,” he explained. “She can calm me down, when I go mad.”

Charles Aznavour said he’s preparing for the performance in Russia and recalling Russian sons to please fans.

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