Denial of Armenian Genocide seen as protection of Homeland in Turkey

Turkish organizations and parties in Izmir unite against Armenian Genocide recognition, reports.

Ar the Women’s Union initiative, local non-governmental organizations and members of Democratic People’s Party and Workers’ Party gathered in the city of Buja, Izmir. During the conference they discussed the Armenian Genocide and decided to jointly fight against the genocide “lies.”

The Women’s Union President Canan Aritman emphasized that fighting against “that imperialistic lie” means protecting the homeland.

Aritman also reminded about the decision of the European Court of Human Rights on the case of the President of Workers’ Party, anti-Armenian Dogu Perincek. ECHR made a decision that Perincek’s denial of Armenian Genocide in Switzerland should be justified as it deals with his right to the freedom of speech.

In this regard, Aritman announced that ECHR’s decision denies Armenian ‘genocide claims.’

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