Singers from Yerevan, Baku, Stepanakert join in one project on the 20th anniversary of ceasefire

In the framework of the project “Together 2” implemented by non-governmental organizations “European Integration” (Yerevan), “Society for Humanitarian Research” (Baku) and “Institute of Public Diplomacy” (Stepanakert) the English version of the song “Together”  created with the joint effort of musicians and song-writers from the region of Karabakh conflict in the first phase of the project has been released on the 20th anniversary of the ceasefire agreement signed in 1994.

The song is performed by Yevgeniya Timchenko (Baku), Narine Grigoryan (Stepanakert) and Gayane Sargsyan (Yerevan).

Project “Together 2” is the continuation of the project “Together” in the framework of which musicians, poets, designers, PR specialists, photographers and clip-makers from the region of the Karabakh conflict presented their ideas and works (attributes, logos, slogans, lyrics, music, photos and videos) on the topic of “Peace”.

In the framework of the project “Together” the Russian version of the song “Together” was released in 2012. The song (both Russian and English versions), the logo, slogan, video and photo of the project “Together” are the result of the co-authorship of the participating sides.

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