Iran won’t change position on key international issues, political scientist says

Karen Ghazaryan

Hassan Rouhani won the presidential elections in Iran. He considers the isolation of Iran the major problem facing the country and intends to correct the situation. He’s  conceived as a proponent of reforms, but some international circles do not trust his image of a reformist, declaring that expecting real reforms from Iran is simply wishful thinking.

According to political scientist Sergey Shakaryants, the West has erred in its expectations to reach easy agreements with the new President.

The analyst considers that Iran’s policy on important international issues will not change. Namely, it will not refuse from its nuclear programs. Besides, it will not change attitude towards Syria, Turkey and other countries.

Meanwhile, Shakaryants believes that Iran will continue its rapprochement with India and China. The same is expected in case of Russian, which is beneficial to Armenia, he said.

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