The mobile lab transported to Armenia will complete 100 COVID-19 tests daily

The mobile laboratory for COVID-19 testing will be put into operation in Yerevan at 2 pm today, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense Shushan Stepanyan informs.

The lab will be ready to accept the first samples and will produce results with 99% accuracy within five hours, she said.

The mobile laboratory has the capacity to compete 100 PCR tests daily. The complex is able to carry out its tasks without any contact with the outer world for 45 days.

The samples will be taken by specialists of the Armenian Armed Forces, the tests will be completed by Russian specialists, Stepanyan said.  

Head of the Military-medical Department of the Armenian Armed Forces Sahak Ohanyan chaired a meeting with Russian experts today.

The lab was transported to Armenia on Tuesday in accordance with an agreement reached between the Defense Ministers of Armenia and Russia. It will be used to test the staff and servicemen of the Armenian Armed Forces and the Russian Military Base # 102 in Gyumri.

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