The National Museum of Damascus opens again

The National Museum of Damascus is open for visitors again, deputy director of the museum Jeha Obukahla told journalists, RIA Novosti reports.

According to him, the historical complex was closed for several years. The staff was concerned about the exhibits that could have been damaged or stolen. As the cease-fire began to be followed in Eastern Ghouta, the museum began the opening preparations. However, even when the museum was closed the staff did not leave their places trying to keep the exhibits safe.

“Shells reached this garden. We saved the exhibits, hid them. We were afraid of fire but it blew over. It is calm here now”, the Deputy Director said.

However, many of the museum stands are still empty. The most precious exhibits, such as ancient mosaics, amphoras, bas-reliefs, coins and sculptures, are still hidden in an underground repository. According to the staff, when the war burst out, many art works from other regions of Syria were also brought to the museum.

An exhibition of the art treasures saved and conveyed from various places in Syria is planned.

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