Israel unveils Spike 2 first used by Azerbaijan against Nagorno Karabakh

Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems unveiled a new fifth general tactic Spike missile on Thursday at the Paris Air Show.

The new missile, called the Spike LR II or Spike 2, has a range of up to 5.5 kilometers when launched from the ground and a range of 10 kilometers when launched from a fighter jet. The missile was successfully tested in Israel. The Spike LR II missiles have already been used by Azerbaijan against Nagorno Karabakh, Jerusalem Online reports.

The missile weighs only 12.7 kilograms and can be launched from any Spike system. The new missile possesses advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, increased abilities to destroy buildings and armor and the ability to deal with reactive and active reinforcements on an armored fighting vehicle.

Azerbaijan launched an offensive against Nagorno Karabakh on April deliberate artillery shelling of civilian settlements, two other kids were wounded near the secondary school in the NKR Martuni region.

Elderly people were brutally killed and mutilated by an Azerbaijani subversive group in the village of Talish in Karabakh’s Martuni region.

Traces of torture and mutilation were seen on the bodies of the deceased servicemen of the NKR Defense Army, transferred to the Nagorno Karabakh Republic by Azerbaijan on April 10.

Kyaram Sloyan, a soldier of Yezidi origin was decapitated by Azeri forces. The video and pictures of his severed head later appeared on social networks. Soldiers and civilians were shown as holding up his head as a military trophy and a sign of victorious act.

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