Ronaldo charged with tax fraud by Spanish state prosecutor

Real Madrid footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has been accused of defrauding Spain’s tax office of 14.7 million euro in unpaid taxes, Press Association reports.

Madrid’s regional state prosecutor accused Ronaldo of four accounts of tax fraud from 2011-14.

It said the Portugal forward “took advantage of a business structure created in 2010 to hide from fiscal authorities income generated in Spain from image rights”.

A statement from the prosecutor said Ronaldo used what it deems a shell company in the Virgin Islands to “create a screen in order to hide his total income from Spain’s Tax Office”.

The prosecutor also said that Ronaldo “intentionally” did not declare income of 28.4 million euro (£25 million) made from the cession of image rights from 2015-20 to another company located in Spain.

Additionally, the prosecutor accused Ronaldo of declaring 11.5 million euro earned from 2011-14 in a tax return filed in 2014, when the prosecutor said Ronaldo’s real income during that period was almost 43 million euro. It added that Ronaldo falsely claimed the income as coming from property, which “greatly” reduced his tax rate.

Ronaldo’s agency had previously said he was up to date on his taxes.

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