Byzantine and Christian Museum in Athens hosts “Armenia: The spirit of Ararat” exhibition

The history of Armenia is closely connected with Byzantium and Greece, through common course and tragic events. The Athens-based Byzantine and Christian Museum, hosts the exhibition “Armenia: The spirit of Ararat, from the Bronze Age to the 20th century,” organized in collaboration with the History Museum of Armenia and the Embassy of Armenia in Greece.

Director of the Byzantine and Christian Museum Mrs. Katerina Delaporta told CNN Greece that “the exhibition includes 104 items, starting from prehistoric times, findings that emerged from excavations of the Hellenistic and Roman period to digital material from the modern history of Armenia, presenting the destruction of monuments and the Armenian Genocide.”

It is the first time that archaeological treasures of Armenia are on display in Greece. Visitors will certainly find the historic link between the two countries.

Armenians made their presence felt both in Europe and the Middle and Far East and India and China. This geographic expansion of their commercial networks, particularly to the east, influenced their cultural preferences, which are visible on objects in the collection.

The exhibition will remain open until May 31.

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