Le Pen fined over Holocaust remarks

Former French far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen has been fined 30,000 euros for calling the Nazi gas chambers a “detail” of World War Two, the BBC reports.

He was convicted of contesting crimes against humanity.

The former Front National chief was convicted of the same charge in 2012 after saying France’s Nazi occupation had been “not particularly inhumane”.

France has strict laws against Holocaust denial.

Mr Le Pen told a journalist his remarks “corresponded to my thought that the gas chambers were a detail of the history of war”.

Asked if “millions of deaths” could be called “point of detail”, Mr Le Pen said: “It is not a million deaths, it is the gas chambers. I’m talking about specific things. I have not talked about the number of dead. I spoke of a system. I said it was a detail of the history of warfare.”


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