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100 Years Later: A new documentary on Armenian Genocide to screen in the US

“100 Years Later”, a new documentary dealing with the legacy of the Armenian Genocide will premiere in the US on February 19. The film will be screened at Abril Bookstore in Glendale and will be followed by a live Skype session with director John Lubbock.

This film follows the historian Ara Sarafian and the Gomidas Institute’s work in eastern Turkey. It is not an observational film about what word to use for the murder of over a million people. It’s about how to create reconciliation between Turks, Kurds and Armenians over a crime that many still refuse to recognize.

Filmed in April 2015, it shows the political situation in south east Turkey just before the 2015 elections and the continuation of violence between the PKK and Turkish state.

Ara Sarafian is an archival historian specializing on late Ottoman and modern Armenian history. He is the director of the Gomidas Institute in (London). His recent work has addressed the Armenian issue by building bridges with civil society and professional groups in Turkey with a focus on Bitlis, Mutki and Diyarbakir.

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