ISIS trapped in Palmyra as Syrian Army prepares for final attack on ancient city

The Syrian Army has advanced against the ISIS militants near al-Hayyal and has deployed its units in the Southern side of Palmyra in Homs province, as the pro-government forces are readying to launch the final attack on the city from three directions, Fars News Agency reports.

In addition to their advance at Al-Hayyal, the Syrian Armed Forces and their allies captured more territory along the Homs-Deir Ez-Zor Highway that leads to Palmyra’s Western side; this has paved the way for them to push towards the Qatari Royal Family’s villa that is now used by the ISIS as a training base for their new recruits.

With their recent success on the Southern and Western flanks of Palmyra, the Syrian Armed Forces are now in a position to attack this ancient desert city from three different sides, while the Russian Air Force strrikes the Palmyra Militay Airport and the road leading to the East district.

Reports also said on Tuesday that ISIS has sent hundreds of fresh troops, weapons and equipment to the city in the last several days in anticipation of heavy battles with the Syrian army in a decisive war.

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