Turkey blames Armenia over lack of ties

Turkey remains committed to normalizing its relations with Armenia, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has stated, while underlining that Turkey will be monitoring Armenia’s “accelerated campaigns” in third countries, ahead of the 100th anniversary of the mass massacres of Armenians, the Hurriyet Daily News reports.

“There is no change in our willingness for a normalization of relations with Armenia,” Cavusoglu said, adding that Yerevan has “preferred to not positively respond Turkey’s well-intentioned attempts. Instead of aiming to move the normalization process forward, Armenia has chosen to intensify its energies on activities for the anniversary of the 1915 incidents.”

His remarks came yesterday as he responded to questions from lawmakers at Parliament’s planning and budget commission, which was reviewing the Foreign Ministry and the EU Ministry’s 2015 budgets.

“2015 is neither a beginning nor an end. Turkey is acting with a long-term strategy and is assessing 2015 coolly, with a broader perspective,” he said.

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