Envoy: Iran ready to mediate in Karabakh issue

Iran’s Ambassador to Baku Mohsen Pakayeen voiced Tehran’s readiness to help resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

“The Karabakh dispute is intermingled with the security of the regional countries,” the Iranian ambassador told Fars News Agency.

He said that he continuation of enmities and the probable outbreak of any kind of war in this sensitive region, would willingly or unwillingly leave negative effects on the security of Iran and therefore, “we wish this dispute to be solved as soon as possible resorting to diplomatic initiatives.”

The Iranian envoy pointed out that in devising a tactful initiative for this matter, Tehran would keep in mind the past similar experiences and its status on the international scene, announcing Tehran’s full readiness to offer assistance.

Referring to the lingering characteristic of the dispute in question, he reiterated, “The time spent on this dispute has gone too long and we believe this is not in the interest of the region.”

“That is because the continuation of Karabakh dispute would be a serious challenge for the economic development of the regional countries, particularly the countries in the vicinity of Armenia and Azerbaijan,” Pakayeen added.

Pakayeen emphasized at the end, “We believe this dispute can be solved merely through the assistance of the regional countries.”

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