Obama arrives in Boston for bombing-victim memorial

President Barack Obama landed in Boston on Thursday, on his way to a memorial service for victims of the Boston Marathon bombing amid a manhunt for a suspect seen on video taken before two blasts struck near the finish line on Monday, Reuters reports.

Obama will address the interfaith service and by extension the country following the blasts that killed three people and wounded 176 in the worst attack on U.S. soil since September 11, 2001. No arrests have yet been made in the investigation.

Boston Mayor Tom Menino, who has been making public appearances in a wheelchair since breaking a bone in his leg over the weekend; Patrick, and Cardinal Sean O’Malley will also speak at the service.

The service comes the day after the FBI arrested a Mississippi man in connection with letters believed to have contained the deadly poison ricin and sent to federal officials, including Obama. In a separate incident on Wednesday, an explosion at a Texas fertilizer plant killed as many as 15 people.

The FBI said there was no indication of a connection between the ricin letters and the Boston bomb attacks, but they reminded Americans of anthrax mail attacks in the wake of the September 11 suicide hijackings 12 years ago.

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