ISIS threatens Georgian Muslims

Alleged representatives of the so-called Islamic State (IS) released a video yesterday, which showed fighters speaking Georgian addressing the Muslim population of Georgia. The fighters urged them to support the ‘Islamic Caliphate,’ Georgia Today reports.

The fighters threatened to establish a ‘Caliphate’ in Georgia. One of the extremists stated “I would like to address the faithless people living in Georgia that have been fighting Islam for a long time. Everybody who has acted against Islam, no matter in Iraq or Afghanistan, will be judged by God’s law.”

The address, published on, emphasized that “God is very strict,” and called on [you] to stop persecuting Muslims. “Your actions against the Muslim will be not remain unanswered. Everybody will be accountable for it.”

Another group of fighters threatened Muslim Khoja and Muftis living in Adjara (Georgia), accusing them of misleading people. “You will pay for what you have done. Be afraid of Allah but not the dirty leaders, don’t be afraid of their orders, you will fulfil them without hesitation,” the group has stated.

Soon after the address, the Georgian State Security Service announced it was launching an investigation into the case. The Security Service did not wish to speak about any possible additional measures surrounding the issue.

One of the parents of one of the fighters in the video commented yesterday that the video is aimed at spreading panic and intimidating people, Ilia Gobadze boldly declaring “no one will come and blow us up.”

The head of the Press and Public Relations Department of the State Security Service, Nino Giorgobiani posted an update on her Facebook page telling the Georgian Media not to contribute to spreading the video footage via the internet.

“I ask the media not to contribute to spreading threatening video footage via the internet due to public security. The State Security Service is working on the issue. An investigation has already been launched,” the update read.

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