Envoy: Armenia keen to develop economic ties with Iran

Armenian ambassador to Tehran praised Iran’s industrial advancements, and voiced Yerevan’s willingness to import various products, including petrochemicals, from the Islamic Republic.

“Iran, as an advanced country, can be attractive in terms of its industry and products to the nations around the world, including Armenia,” Grigor Arakelian told the Tasnim News Agency on Sunday.

“Given the fact that Armenia is one of Iran’s neighbors, we can witness a close cooperation between the two countries in the area of economy,” he added.

The Armenian diplomat went on to say that businesses like car and agricultural industries are among the most attractive spheres of cooperation.

He also commented on the obstacles on the way of promoting trade ties between Iran and Armenia and said lack of infrastructure, particularly roads and railways, is one of the main problems for the commodity turnover between the two countries.

Arakelian also described Tehran-Yerevan cooperation in recent years as good, and said, “Given Iran’s good capacities in petrochemical industry we are ready to promote cooperation in this area and (to that end) we have also made specific suggestions.”

“We are trying to expand the economic relations between Iran and Armenia,” Arakelian said in Tehran on Sunday.

“Our embassy will take any necessary measure for the development of economic ties with Iran, although some very good opportunities have been created to this end now,” he added.

Arakelian said when Iran’s presence in the international markets increases after a nuclear deal with the world powers, economic cooperation with Tehran will experience further development.

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