Iran-Armenia trade volume hit $293 mln in 2013

Iran’s commercial attaché in Armenia says the trade turnover between the two neighboring countries totaled USD 293 million in 2013, Press TV reports.

Hamaiak Avadis Yanes said Thursday that Iran exported USD 198 million worth of goods to its northern neighbor in 2013 while Armenia sold USD 95 worth of commodities to the Islamic Republic. Yanes said that the trade balance between the two countries also stood at positive 103 percent in 2013.

According to the Iranian official, Iran’s exports to Armenia mainly included bitumen, industrial oil, ammonium nitrate, soybean oil and oxides while Armenia’s main exports to Iran were aluminum and cast iron scraps.

He described Iran as a major trade partner for Armenia, which he said is a prime market for the Islamic Republic in the Caucasian region.

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