Azerbaijani-Americans for Democracy supports Mexico’s decision to remove Aliyev statue

Azerbaijani-Americans for Democracy (AZAD) has sent a new letter on November 27 to the government of Mexico City, supporting the decision of the committee of Mexican intellectuals that the giant bronze statue of the Azerbaijani dictator Heydar Aliyev be removed from the city’s public park,

In his letter, AZAD’s chairman Elmar Chakhtakhtinski says that he was “dismayed” by the Azerbaijani government’s response to the Mexico City committee’s removal recommendation. The Azerbaijani authorities publicly threatened Mexico with closing down the Azerbaijani embassy there and canceling oil industry investments. The letter calls these threats “bullying tactics” and expresses hope that the Mexican side will not allow the Azerbaijani regime to dictate the residents of Mexico City what they can do in their own parks.

The letter identifies Heydar Aliyev an “enemy of democracy” responsible for human rights violations and says those who value freedom will appreciate “a speedy removal of this statue from your beautiful city”.

This is the second letter from AZAD to the Mexico City officials. The letter was sent on October 3rd, Azeri Report writes.

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