US working with partners to create international mission for Nagorno Karabakh – Miller

The US is concerned about the situation in Nagorno Karabakh, US Department of State Spokesman Matthew Miller said at a daily briefing today.

“The most important now is that the ceasefire be maintained, that there is no further military action. Secondly, the humanitarian needs of the Nagorno Karabakh people must be addressed. Third, it’s important for Armenia and Azerbaijan to reach a lasting peace agreement,” the Spokesman said.

With respect to the humanitarian situation on the ground, Mathew Miller said “ethnic Armenians should be able to stay in their homes in peace and dignity if they chose so”

“Those who want to leave or return, should be allowed safe passage overseen by an independent neutral third party,” he said.

The Spokesperson stressed that Azerbaijan has the responsibility to protect the civilians and ensure the humane treatment of all, “including those in suspect of being combatants.”

“We do believe there should be an international mission to provide transparency, reassurance and confidence to the residents of Nagorno Karabakh and the international community that their rights are protected consistent with public statements that Azerbaijan has made,” Miller noted.

He said there have been active discussions about that. “We have called for such a mission for some time, and we are working with allies and partners to secure one,” the State Department Spokesman said.

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