The future of Eastern Partnership: Moldova, Ukraine share experience with Armenian partners

Head of the Analytical Centre on Globalization and Regional Cooperation (ACGRC), political scientist Stepan Grigoryan hopes Armenia will sign the new agreement with the European Union.

He says the concern that Russia could exert pressure is always there, but also believes that there is no room for retreat after the President announced it from the UN podium. The political scientist attaches importance to the experience of Moldova and Ukraine.

Experts from the two countries came together in Yerevan for a discussion on “The future of Eastern Partnership: Challenges and Perspectives.”

President of the Ukrainian “Europe without Barriers” NGO Irina Sushko said at the discussion that “despite the current complex situation in Ukraine, the Association Agreement has given a lot to the country, although not in all spheres.

Both Irina Sushko and Julian Rosso from the Institute for European Policies and Reforms (IPRE) of Moldova attached special importance to the visa-free regime with the EU Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova enjoy.

They believe the free movement opportunity is a common interest for all Eastern Partners, as it enables non-political figures to communicate, with all ensuing results.

Julian Rosso noted that besides the fact that there are no negative results, the association provides for positive consequences.

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