Crossroads of Peace: Armenia calls for global cooperation in an evolving world

Amid complex geopolitical shifts and a globally fragmented policy landscape, Armenia envisions a world strengthened by global cooperation, President Vahagn Khachaturyan said in an article published by the World economic Forum ahead of the ahead pf the annual meeting in Davos.

“The Crossroads of Peace project advocates building trust through peace and explores how democracy and technological innovation can be transformative,” the President said.

The Armenian President called on leaders across the world to work together on building a sustainable and harmonious future.

Below is the full text of the article:

As President of Armenia, I am serving a nation that has weathered historical storms, emerged resilient: adapted to reality and learned to survive.

In the context of today’s complex geopolitical shifts and the globally fragmented policy landscape, Armenia envisions a world strengthened by global cooperation in the framework of renewed and effective multilateralism.

Here I outline Armenia’s strategic initiatives, including the Crossroads of Peace project, which addresses the importance of acknowledging the cost of crises, advocates for building peace through trust, and explores how genuine democracy and technological innovation can be transformative and how mutually they protect and embolden each other.

Furthermore, it emphasizes the significance of economic cooperation and shared values in the new world order. Drawing inspiration from the biblical tale of Noah’s Ark, Armenia’s metaphor serves as a reminder to humanity of the importance of peaceful coexistence, hope, and joint efforts to confront global challenges, including poverty, inequality, climate change, armed conflicts and humanitarian crises.

Economic cooperation stands as a linchpin for global stability, security and prosperity. Armenia, with its skilled workforce and commitment to sustainable development is well-positioned to play an instrumental role in the emerging economic landscape.

Recognition of the importance of fostering economic ties that go beyond national borders – from regional to global, promoting responsible business practices, and contributing to worldwide economic growth is a key for global stability.

In the spirit of cooperation, we actively seek opportunities for trade, investment and partnership with other nations worldwide. By aligning economic interests with shared values, we aim to contribute to a more interconnected and agile world by prioritizing sustainability, innovation and inclusivity, fostering economic relationships that benefit not only our nation but also the global community.

In the evolving world order, liberty, democratic institutions and innovation emerge as powerful tools to address global challenges and navigate geopolitical shifts.

Democracy, with its emphasis on inclusivity and consolidated decision-making, provides a framework for nations to come together. Technological innovation, when wielded responsibly, has the potential to empower individuals and nations to overcome challenges and foster positive change.

Armenia is committed to upholding democratic values and leveraging innovation as tools for positive change. Recognizing the potential of “liberation technology”, we aim to empower citizens, promote their social and economic rights, enhance good governance, transparency and promote accountability.

By harnessing the power of digital innovation, Armenia seeks to create an environment where democracy flourishes, and technology becomes a force for good in addressing global challenges.

Armenia’s commitment to building lasting peace

The 21st century has seen the world grapple with crises, from pandemics to environmental challenges, and the recognition of the cost of crisis is not merely economic; it is also human and environmental.

In the times of the current polycrisis and in light of unprecedented interdependence and evolving changes of the world order, one nation’s crisis is a challenge for all. As we navigate these challenges, building peace through trust becomes paramount.

Acknowledging the cost of crises and the importance of addressing them with resilience and determination must become an imperative. The recent conflict and forced displacement of persons in the South Caucasus serves as a stark reminder of the impact of geopolitical shifts on civilians.

However, Armenia is committed to turning the aftermath of the crisis into an opportunity for building lasting peace and promoting regional cooperation.

The Crossroads of Peace project, initiated by the Government of Armenia, places a significant emphasis on building mutual trust as the foundation for peace. By actively engaging with neighbours and international partners, Armenia seeks to rebuild new cooperation in the region and foster understanding among nations.

Through diplomatic initiatives, dialogue, and cultural exchange, we aspire to bridge divides and create an environment where nations can work together to confront global challenges.

Principles of Armenia’s Crossroads of Peace project

Armenia, with its rich history and strategic location, has launched the Crossroads of Peace project as a testament to its commitment to global cooperation.

This visionary initiative aims to transform the region into a hub for a political dialogue, cultural exchange and international cooperation. It seeks to transcend traditional geopolitical divisions, fostering an environment where nations can converge to jointly address common challenges.

The Crossroads of Peace has the potential to transform a fragmented region with closed borders into a macro-regional cooperation hub, to unleash the whole potential of the Caucasus, tout court.

The biblical tale of Noah’s Ark serves as a powerful metaphor for our collective journey in the face of global challenges, including climate change. Armenia, with its legacy of resilience and hope, aligns with the spirit of Noah’s Ark, symbolizing a modern-day ark for humanity.

The ark is a timeless symbol of survival, peaceful coexistence, and renewal. Armenia, too, envisions itself as a symbol of hope by fostering global cooperation, acknowledging the cost of crises, building peace through trust, championing democracy and innovation, and promoting value-based economic cooperation.

Armenia strives to be a beacon of hope in a multipolar world. At the crossroads of history, we urge for strengthened global cooperation as we navigate geopolitical shifts in an evolving world order.

The Crossroads of Peace project, inspired by our commitment to peace and partnership, exemplifies Armenia’s vision for a more interconnected world where nations are united in the face of global challenges.

In the spirit of Noah’s Ark, let us embark on this collective journey, keeping hope alive and working together for a sustainable and harmonious future.

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