PM Karapetyan: We will create modern, profitable and industrialized agriculture

A consultation has been held in the Office of Government, Chaired by Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan, the Press Service of the RA Government reports. The Ministry of Agriculture representatives introduced programs for the development of the agricultural sector in different directions to farmers.

Addressing the meeting, the Prime Minister noted that the Government’s chief objective is to increase productivity in agriculture.

“Based on the findings of our country regions visits and relevant surveys, we have highlighted the following areas: minimization of costs based on local soil and climatic conditions, establishment of a more efficient system of disaster management, developing new complex solutions for efficient water resource management, use of modern technologies in agriculture, formation of a system that will allow us to have a clear idea of what should be produced in a specific area and training of relevant professionals,” Karen Karapetyan said, prioritizing the provision of consulting services in the field of agriculture.

As a result, we will have a profitable and sustainable agriculture, which in turn will lead to increased food security, substitution of imported products, enhanced quantity and range of goods exported from the country to result in additional jobs, the Prime Minister said.

He mentioned gradually switching over to the drip irrigation system, making the subsidized interest rates more affordable for farmers, safeguarding the agricultural sector against natural disasters, expanding the range of high-milk and higher yielding breeds in animal husbandry, creating refrigeration farms in different regions to keep the surplus fresh harvest in refrigerators, shifting to high-value plant cultivation, expanding organic agriculture by specifically supporting increase in local organic fertilizers and local organic products, ensuring the effectiveness of the existing advisory system and making targeted efforts to raise awareness among farmers and potential investors, improving the legislative framework among the ways to that objective.

Karen Karapetyan expressed confidence that the Government has chosen the right targets and tools for the development of agriculture. “Thereby we will not only solve welfare problems, but also create modern, profitable and industrialized agriculture,” Karen Karapetyan underscored.


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