Constitutional changes in Turkey a step backward, expert says




Turkey is preparing to turn a new page in its history by fulfilling Erdogan’s long-time dream of establishing a presidential system in the country. Expert of Turkish studies Mushegh Khudaverdyan says “Turkey is thus making a step backward.”

“Turkey is returning to the model of governance of the Ottoman Sultans,” Khudaverdyan told a press conference today.

Speaking about the possible influence of the constitutional changes on the Armenian community, editor-in-chief of the Marmara daily Rober Hatechian “the changes fall in the orbit of the conflict between the authorities and the opposition.” “They are not related torelated to national minorities,” Hatechian told Public Radio of Armenia.

Commenting on the rumors on Turkey’s plans to build a wall at the Armenian border, Khudaverdyan said “the information is being checked.”

“Turkey is situated at the crossroads of Europe and Asia and suffers from threats of contraband and terrorist attacks. The intention to build a wall may well fit into this logic. The intention could also be a continuation of the plans to build a wall at the border with Iran rather than a step targeted against the Republic of Armenia,” the expert said.

Mushegh Khudaverdyan added, however, that he does not see perspectives of normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations in the foreseeable future.

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