780 state-run university students to get tuition refund

Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan attended an Armenia Youth Foundation-hosted scholarship awards ceremony at the Yerevan State Medical University’s conference hall.

As a whole, 780 State-run university students have received tuition refund this year in the framework of the competition. The Premier himself handed in some of the certificates.

Congratulating the winners, the Prime Minister stated in part, “I get a little bit excited every time I meet you for I remember my college years. Of course, such an atmosphere is a unique opportunity to get an extra charge of energy. Whatever we do for you is not enough as you are worth getting much more from the State. One of my government’s most important tasks is to make you feel happy in Motherland so that you would associate your future plans with the homeland.”

Tigran Sargsyan assured that the project will be continued as it is the right path for student self-organization. The head of government reminded that the students themselves set scholarship criteria, select beneficiaries and monitor the whole process in an atmosphere of transparency.

On behalf of about 3,000 students who won scholarships over the past few years, Armenia Youth Foundation President Karen Avagyan thanked the Premier for continued support to the program.

The scholarship contest was announced for all 1st-year undergraduate students from State-run universities non-eligible for free education. The Armenia Youth Foundation had been allocated AMD60mn to hold this year’s competition.

Bids were received from some 1500 students nationwide, including the regional and international higher educational institutions. The selection was made based on clear-cut criteria, including academic achievements, welfare status, social activity etc.

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