NKR President’s congratulatory address on March 8

Dear women,

On behalf of the republic’s authorities and myself personally I cordially congratulate you on the International Women’s Day.

On this day we are filled with exceptional warmth towards the women who surround us – our mothers, grandmothers and sisters, wives and daughters, trying to express our love and respect, be more attentive and caring. We assess your role in the family and in our state’s life and express our deepest gratitude.

Dear women, no kind undertaking can be a success without you. You charm makes our lives richer and more meaningful. We shall do everything possible for you to be always cheerful and happy.

I congratulate all of you once again on this wonderful spring holiday. I wish great successes and all the best to you, your kids and parents, relatives and friends. Be healthy and beautiful. Let peace and prosperity always reign in your families and in our homeland.

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