Armenia’s Yezdis expect Help from the Government

“Our brothers are being killed in Iraq. The governments of Kurdistan and Iraq aim at demolishing the Yezdis living in Iraq and possessing their territories”, – said Sasha Sultanyan.The Yezdis living in Armenia will apply to the Government of the Republic of Armenia to help their Iraqi brothers. This was stated by the President of the Yezdi National Committee NGO Sasha Sultanyan at the press conference held on August 14.

The Armenia’s Yezdis see the hope to save their Iraqi brothers in the Government of Armenia. “We will send a letter to the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora of the Republic of  Armenia, asking them to raise the Yezdis issue in the international organizations and prevent the massacres”, – said the President of the Yezdi National Committee NGO.

Sasha Sultanyan informed that during the latest period very many Yezdis have migrated from Iraq connected with the massacres. “At present half a million Yezdis live in Iraq. But they are still under the threat of destruction”, – said Sultanyan.

The President of the Yezdi National Committee noted that they will send the letter to the  Armenia’s Government on August 14, emphasizing that they have great hopes connected with the Government.

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