ArmTech Congress’12 in the Silicon Valley December 10-11

Artak Barseghyan

The delegation headed by Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan will visit the US December 10-11 to attend the ArmTech Congress’12, the fifth Armenian High Tech Industry Business Conference in the Stanford University, Silicon Valley.

Armenian Minister of Economy Tigran Davtyan is confident that the 5th ArmTech Congress will register promising results.

A number of agreements are expected to be signed with large transnational and foreign companies upon the outcome of the conference, the Minister said. According to Davtyan, our country will soon open its representation in the Silicon Valley.

About forty private companies are expected to participate in the congress. Speeches will be made by representatives of state bodes, scientific and social institutions and the private sector from Armenia, Russia, the United States, Europe, CIS and other countries, as well as representatives of large trans-national corporations.

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