Azerbaijan keeps targeting farmers in Artsakh: Four cases reported within a week

The Azerbaijani side violated the ceasefire four times by opening fire on civilians carrying out agricultural work in the fields between July 10 and 17.

On July 11, at 13:00, resident of Charektar village A.A. reported that irregular shots were fired in the direction of his house. Between 10:20 a.m. and 11:00 a.m., while A. A. was working on the land near his house, irregular machine gun shots were fired from the Azerbaijani combat position in the direction of the village, forcing agricultural work to stop.

On July 13, the Martunu regional police department was informed that at 17:40 three harvesters in Amarasi valleywere targeted by shots from Azerbaijani military positions, as a result of which the agricultural work was stopped.

On July 14, at 7:20 p.m., a report was received in the Martuni district department that shots were fired from a mortar from Azerbaijani military positions near the village of Machkalashen in the direction of fields.

On July 15, the Shosh department of the Askeran regional police was alerted that at around 09:50, A. M. (born in 1959), was targeted by Azerbaijani forces, while while mowing grass in the village of Verin Sznek with a Fortschritt E 302 tractor.

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