Artsakh’s Minister of State announces start of popular movement

Artsakh’s Minister of State Gurgen Nersisyan has announce the start of popular movement.

“As a result of Azerbaijan taking the people of Artsakh hostage and blocking the road connecting it with Armenia, the humanitarian situation in Artsakh is getting worse day by day, and if this continues, we will have severe and irreversible consequences, which we cannot allow, so we are starting an indefinite popular movement from tomorrow,” he said in a statement.

“Now the situation is dire more than ever, the people of Artsakh are facing serious problems and it is necessary to stop the course of this catastrophe as soon as possible. Artsakh is of exceptional importance for the Armenian people and Armenian statehood, Artsakh does not belong only to the people of Artsakh. Therefore, all of us should join this sacred mission of protecting Artsakh,” Nersisyan said.

Addressing compatriots in the Republic of Armenia, the State Minister said “do not be silent, become a part of the popular movement that is starting in Artsakh, take actions towards speaking out about the disaster that has befallen the people of Artsakh,” he said.

In an appeal to Armenians all over the world, the State Minister said: “The people of Artsakh are under the threat of genocide, in just a few days our people will face serious existential problems. All this is also the result of your silence and indifference, wake up and shout, open all the doors and raise alarm about the genocide of the 21st century. Today, many countries of the world justify their passivity by your behavior. Prove that your brothers and sisters from Artsakh are not alone, they are not defenseless.”

He said the people of Artsakh are grateful to the Russian people for stopping the 44-day bloody war and for the peacekeeping mission carried out to this day, but called on Moscow to ensure the unhindered traffic, transportation of people and cargo through the corridor connecting Artsakh to Armenia, as stipulated in the tripartite statement of November 9, 2020.

“I appeal to the international community, the situation in Artsakh is dire, in a few days we will have irreversible consequences. The people of Artsakh, the 30,000 children, cannot be the victims of the West-Russia conflict or a subject or platform of negotiations. This is a problem, the only way to solve it is to recognize the security and rights of the people living in Artsakh, including the right to self-determination, as a priority value,” the Minister of State said.

“No one wants peace in the region more than us,” he said, stressing that for the people of Artsakh peace is not politics, “it is an opportunity to live in our own house, to educate and raise children, to satisfy simple, human needs.”

Addressing the citizens of Artsakh, Gurgen Nersisyan said “we have no Artsakh to give up, living in Artsakh is not a right, but a duty. “This is a written and unwritten law, this is an oath and responsibility. And so, all of us, as one person, start the peaceful struggle for the preservation of our existence and the protection of our nationwide rights Tomorrow, at 9 am, we will all gather in Stepanakert’s Revival Square, where we will decide together what to do next,” he said.

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