Armenian Genocide commemorated in Swedish Riksdag

The Armenian Genocide was commemorated today in the Swedish Riksdag.

The event was organized by members of the Sweden-Armenia parliamentary friendship group, with support of the Embassy of Armenia.

Armenia’s Ambassador to Sweden Alexander Arzoumanian, Björn Söder, Cahirman of Sweden-Armenia friendship group, Arin Karapet and Fredrik Malm, members of the friendship group, delivered remarks.

Rasmus Canbäck, Swedish Journalist and author of the book “Varje dag dör jag långsamt” (I day slowly every day), and Vahagn Avedian, historian and Genocide Scholar, addressed the audience as guest speakers.

In honor of the memory of victims the audience took a moment of silence.

Ambassador Arzoumanian stressed the importance of the recognition of the Armenian Genocide from the perspective of preventing the repetition of genocides and other crimes against humanity.

He praised the efforts of those missionaries and figures from Sweden and Scandinavian region, who selflessly delivered their help to Armenians during the days of the Armenian Genocide.

Ambassador also emphasized the importance of the Resolution of Riksdag passed on 2010, which recognized the genocide of Armenians, Assyrians, Syrians, Chaldeans and Pontic Greeks. He also expressed hope that the Swedish Government will join those countries, which recognized and condemned the first genocide of the 20th century.

Ambassador also spoke about the ethnic cleansing policy conducted by the authorities of Azerbaijan against 120 000 Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh. He emphasized the importance of the steps to be undertaken by the Swedish authorites for preventing perpetration of another genocide against the Armenian people.

Among the guests of the event were members of the Riksdag, journalists, representatives of culture and Armenian community. The Armenian Trio Band “Haykani” performed the pieces of Armenian music.

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