Turkey asks China to clarify aid packages to Armenia

Turkey has asked China for clarification about aid packages sent to Armenia that bore a reference to Ararat Mountain, Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hami Aksoy has said.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said China’s Ambassador to Ankara Deng Li and Beijing’s Foreign Ministry have shown efforts to resolve the issue.

Aksoy quoted the Ambassador as saying the parcels prepared by a local authority initially carried script in Chinese only, which made no reference to Mount Ararat.

Amb. Deng claims the references written in English were added later.

On April 9 Armenia received a large number of medical supplies and equipment from China.

The Armenian government paid for most of the supplies. The cargo included donations by China’s authorities and by Armenian and Chinese philanthropists.

The cargo included 120 lung ventilation devices, two oxygen supply stations, 60 000 COVID-19 test kits, 280 000 protective masks, 20 000 protective glasses, 100 000 protective garments, as well as medicines. 

“May our Friendship be higher than Mount Ararat and longer than Yangtze River,” read a note on some of the parcels.

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