Echoes of Armenia at Canadian skating festival

Photo: Fram Dinshaw


The hauntingly beautiful sound from a faraway land echoed across the ice as a young skater gracefully weaved and turned before the crowd at the Ivor MacDonald Memorial Rink in Thorburn, on Saturday, The News reports.

Solo skater Adelle Thomsen was dancing to the sound of a duduk, an ancient double reed woodwind instrument native to Armenia, a nation whose history stretches back to Old Testament times.

It was Thomsen’s coach Sheri Burns who urged her to dance to the duduk’s rhythm, its sound captivating her audience watching the East Pictou Silver Blades’ 2018 skating festival, titled: “Get Animated.”

“It was the music she really liked when she was younger and she never got to dance to it, so she wanted me to,” said Thomsen of her coach’s choice.

Burns herself said the annual show was a chance for skaters of all ages and abilities to show off their new talents in front of their families and friends.

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