Azerbaijan puts itself in a ridiculous situation by refusing from own soldier- Sergey Minasyan




“The infiltration attempt undertaken by the Azerbaijani forces comes to reinforce the importance of implementation of the investigation mechanism at the line of contact,” Deputy Director of the Caucasus Institute Sergey Minasyan told a press conference today.

“The talks about the need for the mechanism intensified especially after the April military actions,” he said. “The Minsk Group Co-Chairs and Armenia have similar approaches towards the issue,” Minasyan added.

“Azerbaijan’s position on the OSCE platform is rather vulnerable, and this incident can serve as a reason for a stricter attitude towards the country,” he noted.

Sergey Minasyan does not rule out that Azerbaijan will again be trying to ignite tensions parallel to the devaluation of Azerbaijani manat and aggravation of the social-economic conditions. Therefore, he says, the Armenian side should be ready to make more effective use of the restraining mechanisms should Azerbaijan try to undertake non-standard military or military-political actions.

As for the Azeri claims that the soldier captured by the Armenian forces had been expelled from the armed forces, Sergey Minasyan says “Azerbaijan has thus put itself in a hard and ridiculous position.”

The Azerbaijani forces undertook an infiltration attempt in the northeastern (Talish) direction of the line of contact with the Karabakh forces at about on February 1.

An Azerbaijani soldier was captured after the Karabakh forces repelled the attack.

The Azeri side announced later that the soldier identified as Elnur Huseynzade had been expelled from the army.

Expert of Azerbaijani studies Taron Hovhannisyan has studies the publications in Azerbaijani media and social networks and revealed that the reactions there are also contradictory.

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