Alexander Iskandaryan: OSCE Minsk Group busy with minimizing risks




There have been no changes in the activity of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs and the process of settlement of the Karabakh issue, says Alexander Iskandaryan, Director of the Caucasus Institute.

“They are busy with minimizing the risks, rather than resolving the conflict,” Iskandaryan told a press conference today.

According to the political scientist, the reason is the difference between the stances of the parties on the conflict settlement, which makes it impossible to propose a solution acceptable to all.

“The latest statement of the Co-Chairs fit into the logic of avoiding tension,” Iskandaryan said.

According to political scientist Stepan Grigoryan, the Co-Chairs’ statement can inspire Azerbaijan to resort to new provocations, because they see that their actions go unpunished.

According to Alexander Iskandaryan, there are two ways Azerbaijan can have an influence on the Karabakh conflict settlement. “The first option is lobbying and propaganda. The second means for Azerbaijan to attract the attention of Armenia and the international community is to shoot,” the political scientist said. Therefore, he’s concerned that the situation will still continue.

As for the perspectives of resumption of military actions, Alexander Iskandaryan says “it depends on oil prices, on whether Azerbaijan can afford it or not, because the country spent huge sums in April.”

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