Rumors about the return of territories are simply speculation





“The rumors about the return of territories are simply speculation,” former member of the Supreme Council Azat Arsahakyan told a press conference today.

“The speculation is not just artificial, but also provocative. Those raising the issue of return of Artsakh territories are simply provocateurs. The goals they pursue are unclear to me,” he said.

According to NKR President’s Spokesman David Babayan, the concerns connected with the return of territories have both positive and negative trends. The positive side, he said, is that “when the nation is concerned with the fate of the Motherland, it means the immune system is strong. “ The negative side is that some people start speculations, pursuing some restricted interests,” he added.

“One should understand that there can be no return to the past. Artsakh will never refuse from its status and will not allow its security system to weaken,” David Babayan said.

MP from the Republican Party of Armenia Sukias Avetisyan said, in turn, the statements about the return of territories are dictated from the outside. “We must be strong as a state, as a nation, in order not to allow the artificial ideas and movements take root here. This is the most important for the two Armenian states,” he said.

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