Hayastan All-Armenian Fund kicks off annual project-site visits in Armenia

Within the framework of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund Board of Trustees’ annual meeting in Yerevan, a delegation led by the representatives of the fund’s Executive Board and comprising trustees, representatives of affiliates worldwide, and benefactors, began a string of project-site visits and opening ceremonies of newly completed projects in Armenia.

On May 25, the delegation visited the Nalbandyan village school (Armavir Region), which has been undergoing a comprehensive refurbishment with the financial support of Mr. and Mrs. Armen and Berjouhi Nalbandian of Toronto. The renovations of the 3,200-square-meter campus include a complete makeover of the two classroom buildings and the administrative wing, as well as the construction of a gym, currently underway. The project is slated to be finished in September 2016, when the school’s 600 students will be welcomed to an essentially brand-new campus featuring new furniture and equipment.

Also on May 25, the delegation visited the Mesrop Mashtots School of Oshakan, a village in Armenian’s Aragatsotn Region. The main building of the school has been transformed into a state-of-the-art learning environment, featuring all modern amenities, thanks to the co-sponsorship of the French-Armenian community and the City of Alfortville, France. Moreover, as sister communities, Alfortville and Oshakan have instituted student-exchange programs, which in turn are contributing to the school’s quality of education.

On May 26, the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund delegation visited Yerevan’s Tchaikovsky Music School, which is being completely renovated through the financial support of USA Eastern Region affiliate. The delegation got a first-hand look at the large-scale modernization project, which includes seismic retrofitting; an extensive structural redesign; and a fully renovated auditorium, complete with a new stage and amenities for performers and audiences; as well as a newly built elevator and wheelchair ramps. As importantly, the school now features fully appointed rehearsal rooms for its symphony orchestra, string quartet, brass band, choir, and jazz ensemble. Thanks to the refurbishment, the Tchaikovsky Music School, whose graduates in the course of its almost 80-year history include many of the giants of Armenian music, is being transformed into a world-class conservatory.

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