Armenia first in the ranking of countries with most cases of cancer-caused deaths

Armenia is placed first in a ranking of countries with highest rate of deaths caused by cancer. The list has been compiled by the World Life Expectancy research center. Zimbabwe and Hungary are ranked second and third respectively.

According to the study, the death rate in Armenia is 229.84 per 100 thousand people.

Aremnia’s partners in the Eurasian Economic Union are ranked as follows: Kazakhstan – 14th, Russia – 15th, Belarus – 56th, Kyrgyzstan – 99th.

Neigboring Georgia is placed 85th, Azerbaijan is 72nd, Turkey is 40th and Iran is 113th.

The research shows that the deaths caused by cancer are in no way related to the level of development of the country or the weather conditions. The United States is ranked 43th in the list, while France and Germany are placed 22nd and 41th respectively.

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