Possible Russian-Turkish war dangerous to Armenia





The aggravation of Russian-Turkish relations will not go too deep, expert of oriental studies Suren Manukyan, Deputy Director of the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute, told reporters today.

He advises not to rejoice over the possible Russian-Turkish war, as it will be dangerous for Armenia.

The expert believes that the recent developments have already earned dividends for Armenia and advises to judge soberly and not to expect more.

Manukyan welcoms Armenia’s correct stance of voicing no opinion about the tension in Russian-Turkish relations.

The expert says “what’s more dangerous is Neo-Ottomanism, which Ankara has made a primary direction in the recent period.

As for the bill envisaging accountability for the Armenian Genocide denial submitted to the Russian State Duma, the expert says “it’s conditioned by the political situation.”

“The Armenian Genocide is a political issue, and every country that has acknowledged the fact has done that out of its political interests at the time,” Suren Manukyan  said.

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