Turkey’s ruling party was expected to win majority: Giro Manoyan





The Turkish ruling party was expected to ensure the right to form a government on its own, Giro Manoyan, Head of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Bureau’s Hay Dat and Political Affairs Office, told a press conference today, as he cpmmented on the putcome of the parlaimentary elections in Turkey.

It was clear after the July elections that Erdogan would destabilize the situation in the country to make the public cast its vote for stability, i.e. the ruling party.

According to Manoyan, Erdogan will maintain the same policy line both on the domestic and foreign policy fields.

Giro Manoyan says Turkey is rather isolated today and doubts it will solve issues on the foreign policy front. Neither will it take steps towards improvement of relations with Armenia.

“If not the issue of Syrian refugees, where Turkey is seen by many European states see as a key role- player, the country’s alienation from the West would be even deeper. The domestic polarization in Turkey will also continue, because this is what that country’s policy is based on,” Manoyan said.

As for Armenian-Turkish relations, he expects no breakthrough in the coming four years, because Turkey has a lot of internal problems to solve.

Besides, according to Manoyan, Turkey’s continues to associate its relations with Armenia with those between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and is not likely to change the policy in the near future.

“The steps connected with the Armenian community of Turkey will also be formal, while actually the discriminative policy will continue,” he said.

Manoyan added that “the three Armenian MPs that retained their seats in the Parliament will hardly be able to properly defend the interests of the Armenian community.”

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