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Armenian Genocide exhibit opens in Vilnius

An eArmenian Genocide Vilniusxhibition titled “Armenian Genocide: Front Page Coverage in the World Press” opened at the Museum of Genocide Victims of Lithuania in March 16.

Deputy Speaker of the Armenian National Assembly Edward Sharmazanov said in his opening remarks that “the exhibition is not targeted against any country, including Turkey.” “It’s rather held for the sake of restoration of historical justice, and international recognition and condemnation of genocides,” he said.

Sharmazanov added that the Armenian Genocide was the first in the 20th century: 1.5 Armenians were massacred just for being Armenians. According to him, it is the classical example of racism and xenophobia.

The Deputy Speaker noted that “the exhibition presents the European press reaction, which is an evidence of the Armenian Genocide.”

Edward Sharmazanov stated that the civilized world should condemn the crime against humanity and for the sake of justice must not let the perpetrators remain unpunished and the genocide successors – uncompensated.

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