ICRC: Hundreds of borderline households in Armenia’s Tavoush to restore land cultivation

Today, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Armenia completed the distribution of agricultural products in Tavoush region. Under the programme, five rural communities located along the international border in Tavoush were provided with high quality winter wheat seeds and potato seeds as well as with persimmon saplings, herbicides and fertilisers. Around 1,150 families residing in the villages of Chinari, Dovegh, Berkaber, Nerkin Karmiraghbyur and Barekamavan were recipients of the programme, some of them already for the second year.

“The ICRC works closely with these communities in an effort to address their social needs”, says Dragana Rankovic, Economic Security Programme Manager of the ICRC Delegation in Armenia, “In addition to socioeconomic hardships, these communities are located very close to insecure areas along the international border. Our economic security activities are designed to contribute to the well-being of the households of these communities”.

Crop farming was quite popular in most of these communities in past years. Still of good quality, however, lands were not cultivated for a long time because of the lack of machinery and means to purchase quality seeds and fertilisers. Now, thanks to the cooperation with the ICRC, the situation in these villages will improve. Furthermore, in Berkaber and Barekamavan, this season villagers will also plant persimmon trees.

“Our residents feel inspirited and involved, especially now that they have seen positive results of the ICRC support”, says Arthur Madatyan, Mayor of Berkaber, “Most people here are hard-working, and I believe that three-four years later we shall collect a rich harvest of persimmons well enough to be sold and consumed locally”.

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