Rose and Alex Pilibos Armenian School Receives $40,000 from Armenian Academy of LA

The Rose and Alex Pilibos Armenian School recently received a $40,000 grant by The Armenian Academy of Los Angeles (AALA) to fund the establishment of Armenian Learning Labs throughout the School, Asbarez reports.

Each learning lab will include a SMART board, projector, new versatile furniture, and softwares necessary for their lessons. The goal is to create an environment where students can utilize technology not just to research their heritage, prepare projects, and create new learning opportunities, but to reach out to other Armenian communities and engage in collaborative learning.

With the implementation of this grant, Pilibos will create an environment that is not only technologically advanced, but also will encourage innovative thinking and application of ideas learned in the classroom to further the enhancement of various areas of the Armenian subject. Students will use technology to work collaboratively on issues and projects, and help establish 21st century solutions to Armenian issues by creating Armenian global communities, forums, and Apps to be utilized for Armenian subjects and issues.

The Armenian Academy of Los Angeles was created to provide opportunities for the Armenian Youth of today. “The mission of the Academy is to provide an academically challenging, culturally intense, and thought-provoking environment in which students are enriched with the broad knowledge, imagination, attitudes, and moral values that promote personal achievement, enhance the potential of our community, shape our collective future, and benefit society as a whole.”

Keeping their mission in mind, Pilibos aims to provide the same kind of opportunities for students through the acceptance and implementation of this grant. Principal Alina Dorian said, “We are very excited and appreciative of the generosity of the Armenian Academy of Los Angeles towards our School and students. It is because of this grant that students will have the opportunity to bring a modern and current perspective to the study of the Armenian language, culture, and history.”

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