Armenia, US to cooperate in nuclear safety

Armenia and US will cooperate in nuclear safety. The Government today okayed a draft presidential decree on approving the agreement “On the exchange of technical information and cooperation on nuclear safety issues between the Armenian Nuclear Safety Regulatory Committee and the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission ” signed in Washington on March 14.

The new agreement expands the cooperation on nuclear and radiation safety regulation in the field of atomic energy use.

According to the Armenian government, It will contribute to the exchange of advanced experience and knowledge on security issues and the introduction of new technologies. The cooperation offered by the agreement is aimed at strengthening the regulatory infrastructure in Armenia, developing the skills and abilities of the personnel, which will contribute to the extension of the operational period of NPPs, the implementation of safety analysis and assessment in the licensing stages of the construction of new NPPs in Armenia.

The scientific and technical assistance received under the agreement will contribute to physical protection, implementation of nuclear weapons non-proliferation guarantees, safety of radioactive materials and waste, implementation of environmental monitoring and development of safety regulatory documents.

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