France calls for restoration of traffic along Lachin corridor

France calls for restoration of traffic along the Lachin corridor without preconditions, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“France calls for resuming supplies to Nagorno-Karabakh through the Lachin corridor without any conditions, respecting the rights of the population living there,” the communiqué says.

Paris also recalled “the need to comply with the provisions of the tripartite ceasefire statement, which was adopted on November 9, 2020.”

“Azerbaijan undertook to guarantee the safety of the movement of people, transport and goods along the Lachin corridor in two directions,” the French Ministry said in a statement.

The only road linking the Republic of Artsakh to Armenia has been closed since Monday morning after a group of Azerbaijanis blocked the highway, citing fake environmental reasons. Azerbaijan has also cut gas supply to Artsakh.

The European Union and the US have also urged the Azerbaijani government to end the blockade.

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