Italian MPs call on international community to condemn Azerbaijan’s attack against Armenia

A group of Italian lawmakers has condemned Azerbaijan’s attack on Armenia.

“In light of the dramatic conflict that erupted on the sovereign territory of the Republic of Armenia and grieving the families of the victims – which unfortunately continue to increase from official statements – we hope that the armed aggression will cease immediately and that the international community will explicitly condemns the aggressor and any action in violation of the United Nations Charter,” the Italian MPs said.

This joint statement was issued by MPs Paola Binetti, Stefano Borghesi, Umberto Buratti, Laura Cavandoli, Giulio Centemero, Vito Comencini, Giuseppe Donina, Paolo Formentini, Niccolò Invidia, Elena Murelli, Tullio Patassini, Catia Polidori, Alberto Ribolla, Giovanni Tombolato.

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