ESMT Berlin: Germany’s best business school to launch course in Armenia

ESMT Berlin, the #1 business school in Germany as assessed by the Financial Times, will deliver a joint program for the business leaders and managers in cooperation with the Armenia-based international school Matena.

The “ESMT Berlin-Matena” international program will be launched in the fall of this year, and those interested in management and leadership education will be able to participate, both from Armenia and from other countries.

“By partnering with leading educational institutions, Matena makes world-class business education available in Armenia. Our country can and should become the best destination in the region for those interested in international high-quality education,” says Ruben Hayrapetyan, co-founder and CEO of “Matena” International School.

Matena already implements a number of international educational programs in Armenia, continuously expanding the network of leading partners and experts.

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